Did you just notice your cat’s nose to be wet? Are you worried if it is a serious cause of concern? Until and unless your cats’ nose goes extremely wet and moist, there is no need to panic. Wet noses occur due to a variety of factors; here are a few of them:


Most of the felines are fast drinkers, and you can very well imagine a situation when the water level in their water bowl is ow. The next thing that you would find them to do is to sink their mouths deep inside the bowl, ending up drinking from the nose, causing a cat’s wet nose condition.


Cats have a habit of licking themselves, and any licks that pass nearby their nose can result in excess of moisture deposit in the nasal area causing a wet nose.


So if your cat has been shedding tears for long, there are high chances that their tears may go and settle down in their nose, passing down the Eyelids. And, you can very well understand the culprit behind the wet nose in your cats.

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