Why do cats feel unloved?

What do you feel when you bring home a cat? If I’m not wrong you must have promised yourself that you take care of your furry friend till his or her last breath. But taking good care of a cat requires a lot of patience, time and hard work. Although you love your fur baby as much as you love your own kids for them it’s hard to understand it, as they can’t understand your language like your kids does. They don’t understand the word “I love you”. They completely rely on your actions to interpret whether we like them or not. Sometimes they misinterpret your actions. So, here are 4 things that make your cat feel unloved?

Punishing or shouting at your cat

When we bring a cat home, we expect her to behave obediently. To teach them etiquette, we sometimes shout or punish them. Punishing or shouting at your cat, makes her feel unsafe and insecure. Sometimes even shouting at other people in the house makes your cat upset. If you want to provide a happy and healthy life to cats, never ever shout or punish them.

Uncleaned Litter Box

Do you want to use a toilet that is neither cleaned nor flushed for a week? Probably not, then how could you expect your feline friend to use a dirty litter box. That’s the reason they pee on either carpets or beds. Just like us, cats are very particular about their hygiene. So, never force your cat to use a dirty litter box, as it sends them a signal that you don’t care about them and their preference for cleanliness.

Mental Stimulation

We do a myriad of things to keep our babies healthy, not only physically but mentally too. Cats are not less than your babies, they need to be entertained at least for 2–3 hours every day. On your super busy days, you can play some classical music or keep the TV on for them. Furthermore, a comfy perch by a window is a must for your fur baby, as cats love to watch the birds and people.

Ignoring Their pain

Cats don’t show when they are in pain. It’s your responsibility to closely monitor their behaviour. If you see any changes in their behaviour such as not using the litter box, scratching their ears, not eating properly, then without a delay take them to the vet for a checkup. Ignoring such behaviour, sends a wrong message to them, that you don’t care for their health.

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